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Internships in Horticultural Therapy

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Here are the AHTA's requirements for the Internship component:


"A minimum of 480 hours of internship supervised by a registered horticultural therapist at the HTR or HTM level. Insternship may be divided among multiple settings. It may also be distance supervised following the guidelines as stated in the policy and procedures for internships." (Quoted from the AHTA web site.)


Currently this is probably the most challenging area for Registration.  There are not a lot of HTR's around so finding one nearby who can make site visits is daunting.  I'm hoping that some AHTA folks will comment on ways to deal with this one.  If you are an HTR who is willing to supervise, please fill in your contact information below.


Interns should be advised that they may need to compensate their supervisor for their time as well as cover travel costs.


Places where others have found internships

Maybe these will give you some ideas for places to contact.


Eggleston Services, Tanners Creek Horticultural Services.  Audrey - want to tell us a bit about what you are doing there?


Nazareth College, Aphasia Clinic  I'm working with older adults who have experienced a CVA.  We are going to work on preparing for our Spring Garden Plant Giveaway.  We may get some of the other clinic groups involved, too.  Many places in our area (Rochester, NY) would like interns or HT programs.  It's more than I can handle, so others are welcome join in!  Beverly Brown


HTR's willing to supervise internships


Name How to contact Region I'll travel to
Beverly J. Brown
Get in touch with me to discuss
Sally Cobb
Contact her for info


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Audrey said

at 3:15 am on Jan 26, 2009

Greensboro, NC classmates class of Nov. 2008, it was my distinct pleasure in meeting each of you, learning with you and about your contributions to the wonderful world of HT. After attending the Intro class to HT, I felt like I had met a collective group of individuals serving a common goal in becoming educated....to serve. Service in diverse areas that have the potential to touch many lives in constructive, positive ways--yielding social, cognitive, emotional, rehabilitative, restorative and personal outomes that CHANGE lives. For others I am yet to met, I can merely thank you in advance for the portion of your experiences that will enable my continuance in this field.

OK, I HAVE landed an internship that does not include an HTR with a real possibility of being hired by an awesome company providing HT services to the disabled population I am full of trepidation but jumping in with both feet. I received enough disappointing news while seeking an HTR to intern with that when this opporunity presented itself I felt the need to explore it. I believe this opportunity will afford me such valuable experience that it will be weighted postively without the HTR support. My employer sat on the board of the AHTA and has provided me with several insights concerning my potential growth in our field. Prior to landing this golden opportunity I did extensive research for an HTR and had many interesting conversations with some HTR's that had previously provided HT services in my geographical location. Most of these resources I obtained from HTI because I am not a member of AHTA. The information I obtained during class concerning HTR's from my area in the AHTA membership directory was out of date by as much as six years in some cases. For those of you seeking an HTR for internship purposes I have a couple of resources you may try:

Audrey said

at 3:16 am on Jan 26, 2009

Gabriella Harvey, she is semi retired, resides in Wiliamsburg, VA and told me she would consider an intern, she may be contacted via email Gabriella444@cox.net or phone 757.810.7747, she could not tell me on my initial phone call what her fees would entail or cover Mary K. Scott, she has been practicing in HT for more than 20 years and resides in NC, previosuly practiced at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, I conversed with her via email but did not entertain the conversation of an internship. She may be interested, I found her email conversations to be extremely insighful and helpful. She is very open to assisting our new found profession. I will post her email after obtaining permission. Our friend, Annie from the Intro class will complete her studies in March in Denver and she will then be an HTR. Congratulations, Annie!

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