Human Science Courses

Human science courses


The AHTA requires 12 semester hours, and a minimum of four courses from the following list:



The University of Phoenix offers Human Growth and Development (BSHS342) Abnormal Psychology (PSY410), Models of Effective Helping  (BSHS 312), Adult Development and Aging (HCS 433), and Anatomy and Physiology (HCS250).  The University of Phoenix courses are all on-line and asynchronous.  You don' thave to be on line at a certain time;  you just need to be on-line and submit comments and projects by specific deadlines.  U of P courses last five weeks (intense!) and involve on-line team work. 


Testimonial:  I've taken four courses there.  I really like the compressed time frame, and find the exchange between students on the discussion board very interesting and useful.  My contact for registration helped me make the first leap into class easily, and continues to make registration absolutely painless.   Not to mention, I'm learning A LOT!.  Beverly J. Brown 4-6-2009