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Horticulture courses

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The AHTA requires 12 semester hours and a minimum of four courses from the following topics:


  • Introduction to Horticulture
  • Plant Materials
  • General Plant Pathology
  • Pest and Disease Management
  • Plant Propagation
  • Floral Design
  • Greenhouse or Nursery Production/Management
  • Landscape Design
  • Entomology


Online horticulture courses are popping up right and left. I'm currently looking for a good plant pathology course for next spring.  I haven't run any of these by the AHTA board yet, but from what I can tell they would all be credit bearing. So far I have found the following:


Fundamentals of Plant Pathology: a distance education course every Fall semester (late AugustDecember) at the University of Florida. Contact Michael Sisk at mjsisk@ufl.edu


Plant Pathology: Auburn University offered on-line every May.  Contact Kathy S. Lawrence, Ph.D. lawrekk@auburn.edu for more info.


Plant Pathology: University of Georgia, distance learning course.  Contact Cookie Smith, General Advisor, IDL Georgia Center for Continuing Education, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 30602, cookie.smith@georgiacenter.uga.edu, 706-583-8206, 1-800-877-3243


Other courses:


Penn State offers Horticultural Science in spring and fall online.

Iowa State offers 1 credit courses in Topics in Horticulture courses including: Greenhouse Crops (Houseplants), Nursery Crops (Herbaceous Perennials), Nursery Crops (Annual Garden Flowers), Vegetable Crops, and Introduction to Horticulture.  Each costs $212 plus $50 delivery fee.  This list was as of 2006.  For more info contact:


Southwest Iowa Regents Resource Center

3501 Harry Langdon Blvd

ISD Campus, Careers Bldg

Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503

Phone: 712‐366‐3647

Fax: 712‐366‐1723

E‐mail: swirrc@iastate.edu


Warning! Courses offered by ACS Distance Education

4-6-2009  ACS Distance Education is not accredited and will not meet AHTA's requirements.  Too bad, because the course I started was great!


I have found another on-line source for horticulture classes: Texas Tech Horticulture Program. They are certainly accredited.  I'm taking two courses starting at the end of May and will post here on how that goes.  They only teach on-line courses in a two-year rotation, so if you want to take courses here, plan ahead. I've taken Intro to Horticulture, Herbaceous Plant Materials and Entomology.  I think they are figuring out how online courses should work.  I wish University Of Phoenix offered hort courses because they have the system down! Beverly Brown Updated 12-21-2009


Texas Tech courses are fine - but the red tape with getting enrolled and paying for courses is a terror -- but possible. And it's expensive. I've also found another university that offers hort courses on-line -- North Carolina State University.  Here's their schedule per Dr. Helen Kraus as of today:


  • Introduction to Horticulture - Offered this summer, HS 201 sec 601
  • General Plant Pathology - Offered Fall 2009, PP 315 Principles of Pathology and PP 318 Forest Pathology
  • Landscape Design - They plan on offering in Summer 2010
  • Entomology - Offered Fall 2009, ENT 201 Insects and People and ENT 425 General Entomology


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Introduction to Horticulture

The University of Georgia's online HORT 2000 satisfies the qualification for "Intro to Horticulture".

The tuition is $203 per credit hour, for a total of $609. They are registering for the Spring Semester until February 5th.


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sagirdham@comcast.net said

at 6:06 am on Jan 20, 2009

At Thomas Edison State College (http://www.tesc.edu/) they offer a way to get college credits for work experience. It is called a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Because I have worked in the horticulture industy for many years, I was able to take several this way to help me finish my BSAST degree in horticulture. I completed Intro to Botany (BIO-231), Plant Physiology (BIO-331) and Plant Pathology (HOR-381) using this method. I just typed "plants" into the TESC PLA database and it listed 53 courses, so there are plenty to choose from. Obviously, before taking courses I would make sure to get it approved by the AHTA. Here is the address for the PLA information page...http://www.tesc.edu/4842.php

In addition, it would be possible for someone to get credit this way if they had experience in the human science area.

TESC also offers e-pack and TECEP courses. These work by basically passing a test on the subject.

I have attended TESC for two years. It is an accredited online college out of Trenton, NJ. My experience has been wonderful.

Sollischm@gmail.com said

at 8:48 pm on Nov 25, 2009

North Carolina State University offers Distance Education courses. I am just completing HS 100: Home Horticulture. This class satisfied the Plant Materials course requirement by AHTA. Cost approx $800. Easy to enroll. Requires viewing 74 episodes of Bryce Lane's "In the Garden" TV show and 14 written assignments. I liked the class.

Sollischm@gmail.com said

at 8:51 pm on Nov 25, 2009

NC State University Distance Education website: http://distance.ncsu.edu/

Beverly J. Brown said

at 1:59 pm on Aug 12, 2013

Another way to search for courses: http://oedb.org/open/subjects/education/

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