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Horticultural Therapy Courses

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The AHTA requires 9 semester hours with a minimum of 3 courses in the following areas:


  • Overview of the profession to include: the definition of HT, the history of HT, and program types.
  • HT Populations to include: physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, and mental/psychological disabilities.
  • HT Programming and techniques to include: goals and objectives for HT programs; client assessment, evaluation and documentation tools; HT programming activities; adapting programming activities to meet diverse client needs; adaptive tools and devices.
  • Program Management to include: preparing proposals for HT programs, developing a program budget, grant writing overview and research overview.
  • People-Plant Relationships to include: the interaction of plants and people in natural and man-made settings, the human psychological response, and horticultural therapy.

         (Quoted from the AHTA web site.)


Now, another option!  Nazareth College of Rochester is offering a series of three Horticultural Therapy courses starting Fall 2012.  These courses will be offered in an on-line format, with some on-campus or video requirements for the second and third courses. Nazareth College also offers a Minor in Horticultural Therapy.  For more information look here. (4-18-2012)








Take a look at the Horticultural Therapy Institute's web site.  This is the program that inspired us to put together this wiki.  The courses are well-structured, the presentations are professional and the people are great. 




New Graduate Certificate in Horticultural Therapy


This just in from Kansas State (7-8-09):




Horticultural therapy has a long and successful history at K-State.

K-State was the first university to offer a Bachelor's degree in

horticultural therapy in 1973 and has the longest running undergraduate

and graduate programs of any university. This distinguished role of

leadership in education and research continues with the fall 2009 launch

of the first distance-learning graduate certificate program in

horticultural therapy. The 16-credit hour program of study is offered

primarily online. Two on-site week-long sessions provide intensive

experiences in a variety of horticultural therapy settings, under the

guidance of leading practitioners in the profession of horticultural

therapy. The program is designed to enhance the credentials and

professional stature of working professionals in their current positions

and to advance in their career.

Classes begin this fall.

Learn more at http://www.dce.k-state.edu/ag/horticultural-therapy/

Questions or comments? E-mail us at cshoemak@ksu.edu or call 785-532-1431

Candice Shoemaker, Ph.D.

Professor and Program Director

Graduate Certificate in Horticultural Therapy

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